Safe our Planet


Fabrications lie at the core of MOODSTORIES's artisanal approach, driven by our commitment to incorporating exceptionally durable, breathable, and eco-friendly materials throughout our collections. These materials predominantly include linen and cotton. As MOODSTORIES continues to expand, we remain in ongoing collaboration with our suppliers and the global community, diligently seeking innovative fabrics and sustainable methods. This endeavor not only advances our ethical mission but also contributes to the reduction of our environmental impact.
























Supply chain and Delivery 

MOODSTORIES's dedication to a more environmentally sustainable and brighter future commences within our supply chain. Our pledge to the planet involves ensuring that each step of our processes, spanning from the very first stitch to when our pieces find a cherished place in your wardrobe, is conducted with the utmost responsibility. To achieve this, we opt for the most energy-efficient production methods at our disposal, extending from our selection of freight options to the materials we use. Transparency is a core value for us at MOODSTORIES.

The significant impact results from the accumulation of minor adjustments, underscoring the reason we are earnestly striving to amalgamate our shipments. This strategy ensures that we dispatch a greater portion of our cherished garments, but with fewer shipments throughout the year. A pivotal transformation occurred for us in 2023 when we transitioned our transportation approach from air freight to sea freight, leading to a substantial decrease in carbon emissions. To provide perspective, when comparing the transportation of two metric tonnes across a distance of 2000km, sea freight emits 191% less CO2e than air freight.